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Combining The Past  

With The Future​    

The foundation of 460 S. Highland St was laid over 60 years ago. As the historic first branch of Memphis' public library system, the building is rooted in a tradition of bringing community and knowledge together to foster new ideas in the shadow of a premier higher education institution.


In early 2018, a new chapter for the University District began here. Initially developed by the FedEx Institute of Technology within the Division of Research and Innovation at the University of Memphis, the UMRF Research Park was founded to preserve community spirit, amplify opportunity and establish a center of creative empowerment and emerging innovation.

The Space

10,000 sq ft global flex campus with room for large or small office spaces

The Services

A diverse set of research-oriented resources that enables public private partnership

The Location

Nestled in the University District, steps from the FedEx Institute of Technology.

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