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Access to Research

Whether you are reshaping the way the world thinks about business, pioneering new products, or dreaming of cloud-based blue sky opportunities, we can help find a researcher to make your idea a reality. Partners will have access to research faculty, with relationships and funding opportunities cultivated by the UMRF Research Park team.

Access to Lab Space

Metallic Additive Manufacturing, Electron and Light Microscopy, Anechoic Chamber, Customer NeuroInsights Research - These are just a small sample of the lab resources available exclusively through collaborations with the UMRF Research Park. Contact us to learn about the specific lab use rates for UMRF Research Park partners.

Meeting Space

NATO, IEEE, UNESCO - These are just a few of the organizations that have leveraged the FedEx Institute of Technology's world class meeting spaces for technology-driven conferences and events. Impress your clients, host demo days, and connect with campus through this class A facility. Use of space included as part of UMRF Research Park resources.

Workforce Pipeline

As part of your requirement to hire University of Memphis students, we will help you identify talent at the University of Memphis to meet your particular corporate requirements

For larger needs, including call center services, analytics, or customer service, UMRF Ventures will be accessible for contracting at special rates


Free access to career fairs at the University of Memphis as needed.

Networking Resources

As part of the networking component, all companies based at UMRF Research Park will be thrown a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" Networking party where researchers, business leaders, and University District collaborators are invited to see your pitch and meet you and your team.

UMRF Research Park members will be provided two free tickets to any hackathons, conferences, or major events. These tickets are yours to give away to clients or your team.

Facilitating Sponsorship

UMRF Research Park will facilitate the collaborative sponsorship of events and programs on behalf of member companies. The focus of these sponsorships will be growing capacity in the community, transforming the University District into a national center of technology innovation, and advancing the impact of the University of Memphis. The UMRF Research Park family of companies will be a leader in inspiring innovation for the future of Memphis. 

Professional Development

50% discount to all training programs conducted by the FedEx Institute of Technology Courses in the last 18 months have included the following subject matter:

Agile, DevOps, Cloud Native, Design Thinking, Blockchain (ethereum and hyperledger), Additive Manufacturing, R Programming, Python, Ruby, Training From the Back of the Room, etc.


Assistance with enrollment in graduate level programs at the University of Memphis as needed.

Venture Funding Access

To create impact and foster growth among companies at UMRF Research Park, a special pitch session of University of Memphis venture partners will be scheduled for each partner company. Venture partners will serve on an advisory board and have the opportunity to provide funding and support companies as needed. If you are interested in becoming a venture partner, contact us for more information.  

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